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Rental Rules


  • Reservations required. A $100 deposit on a credit card is required at time of reservation. Deposit is non refundable if reservation is cancelled with 48 hours of rental. No shows will be charged full rental rate.

  • Cancellations due to impending bad weather inside 48 hours are non refundable.

  • Bay Venture Boat Rentals reserves the right to cancel a reservation or prematurely end a rental due to impending hazardous weather.

  • Must be 25 years of age to rent and operate our watercraft

  • Minumum 2 hour rentals (PM only), 1/2 day (4 Hour, 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm), and full day (8 hour) encouraged

  • Late returns (over 15 mins) will incurr a late fee of $25. For every 15 minute increment the rental return is late, another $25 will be charged. ( <30 mins late $25, 30-45 mins late $50, 45-60 mins late $75, 60-75 mins late $100, etc)

  • Early returns will not receive a refund.

  • Boating experienced recommended, but not required

  • Maximum boat capacity 14 persons. Maximum of 10 adults, Children 12 and over are classified as adults

  • Free delivery to local on water residences

  • Multi day rentals available at reduced rates

  • Water sports equipment available for rent

  • Boats are equipped with Virginia Saltwater Fishing Licenses covering all on board

  • Fishing/crabbing equipment available for rent

  • Boats are equipped with all required safety gear. Lifejackets (PFD's are provided for all passengers, Children 12 and under are required to wear PFD's while onboard the boat)

  • Renters will be able to cruise 

  • Boats will not be allowed to leave the inland waters of Virginia Beach and must stay inside the Lesner Bridge at Lynnhaven Inlet.

  • The Lynnhaven River is off limits except in special cases.

  • Boats left excessivley dirty and trash not removed will be charged a cleaning fee.

  • Any damage to boat, engine, interior, or equipment will be charged full repair fees at list prices.

  • Bay Venture Boat Rentals can terminate a rental due to pending inclement or hazardous weather

  • At the first sign of hazardous weather, the renter should return to the dock.

  • If boat is grounded and damage to prop, engine, or boat occurs, the renter is responsible for any and all damage. It is the renters responsibility to inspect the vessel prior to departure.

  • A prop that is damaged but repairable will incurr a $85 fee. If the prop is damaged beyond repair a replacement cost of $175 will be charged. Prop damage determinination is at the sole discretion of Bay Venture Boat Rentals.

  • A $250 damage security deposit is required to be paid in CASH prior to the boat leaving the dock. The renter is liable for any and all damage incurred by the renter above and beyond the $250 security deposit. 

  • If a vessel is damaged due to negilgence on the part of the renter and the vessel is required to be be towed in or repairs made on the water a $100 fee will be charged.

  • Water sports or fishing equipment that is damaged will charged the replacement cost of the equipment.

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