Frequently asked questions

What kind of boats do you rent?

We currently rent 2020, 24 foot Bentley pontoon boats. These boat are powered by Mercury 115 horsepower four stroke engines. They are equipped with bimini tops that cover the back half of the boat for shade during those warm summer days. They also have stereos with bluetooth, so feel free to bring along your favorite tunes.

How many people can your boats accommodate?

Our Bentley pontoons can safely hold a maximum of 14 people. This is restricted to a maximum of 10 adults. We consider anyone over the age of 12 an adult for weight purposes. The United States Coast Guard sets maximum persons and weight capacities for boats and we abide by these regulations for everyone's safety.

What does it cost to rent a boat?

We rent our boats by 4, 6, or 8 hour time periods. The pricing for 2021 can be seen here on our rate page: Rental Rates

What is allowed/not allowed to be brought on the boats?

You are able to bring any coolers, food, beverages, gear, personal items, etc. that you wish. This is restricted, however, to being of reasonable size. Nothing can restrict seating or the ability to move safely around the boat. One medium sized cooler (approximately 70 qt) or two smaller coolers will fit in the under seat storage. What is strictly prohibited are grills, steamers, burners, or anything that creates a heat source or open flame. These can create safety issues and damage the boat. This includes NO SMOKING. Smoking is no longer allowed on our boats. There will be fees if evidence of smoking is found, and any damage will be the responsibility of the renter. If you are unsure if the items your are bringing are allowed, please dont hesistate to ask before you bring them for your rental.

Do I need a boating license/education to rent a boat?

No. In the state of Virginia, boat rentals are exempt from the education requirement that began in 2008. We do, however, require that operator has previous boating experience. You must have a good understanding of power boat operation, basic navigation, and boating safety, prior to your arrival. We have an in depth briefing process that every renter/operator of our boats must go through before they are allowed to operate the boat. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation time to complete this process. This includes: - A full navigation briefing of our local waterways, explaining all no wake zones, watersports area, restricted areas, local hazards, and points of interest. - A dockside safety checklist, which details many of the important safety aspects of operating the boat. - A full operation and safety briefing aboard the boat.Where we cover, no wake speeds, safety equipment locations, safe operation, and water sports safety. Unlike many other rental companies, we spend time to make sure you understand how to have be safe and enjoy your time on the water.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your reservation up until 48 hours prior to your reservation time for a full refund of your reservation deposit. Inside of 48 hours, the deposit will only be refunded or rescheduled, if the rental is cancelled at the discretion of Bay Venture Boat Rentals due to hazardous weather or other unforeseen circumstances. We do not cancel rentals based on a certain chance of rain. All too often, the weather forecasts change drastically, or in a lot of cases are very inaccurate. Inside of the 48 hour window, we wait until we have a high degree of certainty that hazardous weather is imminent. We want you to enjoy your time on the water, therefore we do not want you to experience bad weather on the water. We make every effort to reschedule your rental if the weather does not cooperate.

What waterways are your boats allowed to travel in?

Our boats are allowed to operate in the calm inland water ways of northern Virginia Beach. These include Broad Bay, Linkhorn Bay, Little Neck Creek, Crystal Lake, Long Creek, Broad Bay Canal, and the Lynnhaven Inlet. Our boats are not allowed out into the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean. We also restrict them from going up the Lynnhaven river which requires extensive local knowledge to safely navigate due to its extremely tidal nature. These waterways are tidal salt water estuaries. They are surrounded by land which prevents them from being unsafe due to waves or brisk winds. Waves are great for the beach but nor for boating, and our calm water ways are great for boating. Our waters do not connect to Back Bay, adjacent to the Sandbridge area.

Are there restaurants on the water we can pull up to?

Yes! There several restaurants along our waters that have docking for boats. Some will even serve you right onboard the boat if you like! Please see our page which covers points of interest for you to enjoy. Where to go and what to do

What type of watersports equipment do you rent?

Currently, we rent double rider tubes that you can pull behind the boat. They are rated for a maximum of 300 pounds, so we limit the riders to a max of one adult and one child or two children. The tubes are a lay on style with handles on the front. They do not have hole in the middle to be able to sit inside. If you have your own tube, wakeboards, or skis, you may bring them, but you must also have a tow line for them. Please be aware that anyone participating in watersport activities must be wearing a properly fitting life jacket at all times. Tubes must be of a size that they can fit safely and securely onboard the boat. They cannot be towed behind the boat in no wake zones or without a rider.

Are life jackets provided?

Yes, all U.S. Coast Guard required safety gear is provided including personal floatation devices (life jackets). We provide everyone onboard the boat with a properly fitting life jacket, We have them in sizes from infants on up to adults. If you have your own children's life jackets, feel free to bring them.

Is fuel included?

Yes, fuel is included in the price of the rental. We want you to spend your time on the water having fun. Not worrying about how much the fuel is going to cost when you get back.

How do we reserve a boat?

You can book online or check availability by clicking here: Book Now You can always call us to make a reservation or check availability at 757-491-5756. Please keep in mind we can get very busy during the season. If we are unable to answer, please leave a message and we will return your call promptly. A small, $6 booking fee applies to the reservation booked online that is separate from the rental fees.

Do you rent in the Sandbridge/Back Bay area of Virginia Beach?

Unfortunately, our waterways do not connect to the Sandbridge/Back Bay area of southern Virginia Beach. Our boats are in the water at our location in northern Virginia Beach, near the resort area. We have user friendly, inlad waterways that have restuarants to visit, beaches to pull up to, great fishing, and watersports. Back Bay can be a very hazardous waterway and is very dependent on wind direction and velocity for safe boating. The waterways that Bay Venture Boat Rentals gets to enjoy has tons of activities, sightseeing, and is a great place to check out even if you are staying in Sandbridge!

Do you provide a captain or a driver?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a captain or driver for your rental due to insurance regulations. However, there are other charter boat operations in the area that can accommodate you, if you lack the required power boating experience to rent with us.