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Where to go and what to do

Inland chart of Virginia Beach, Lynnhaven, Broad bay, Linkhorn, Crystal Lake

Explore the extensive inland waters of Virginia Beach. These include, Linkhorn Bay, Crystal Lake, Broad Bay, Long Creek, and the Lynnhaven Inlet. These protected waters offer smooth cruising with plenty to see and enjoy.

Our location


Make your cruise even more exciting by taking your crew tubing. Watersports equipment can be rented to add another layer of fun to your cruise.

The Narrows Beach

If the beach is your thing, the 64th St. beach, also called "The Narrows", is the perfect place. A section of the massive First Landing State Park, it has plenty of space to pull up. With deep water right up to the sand, feel free to pull up, hop out, and get some sand between your toes.

Fishing & Crabbing
On-the-water Eats
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